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B Maximum Natural Nutrition for Sports and HealthA Journey to Your Full Potential

At B Maximum Sports and Health, we believe that your journey to peak fitness and vibrant health is a story waiting to be written. That's why we've crafted a unique brand experience that speaks directly to you, our valued customer. Here's our story:

Our Mission:

Your Full Potential: Imagine a mission that revolves around one core belief - that you have the power to achieve your full potential in fitness and health. At
B Maximum, this belief is at the heart of everything we do. We're here to empower you.

What We Offer:B Maximum Natural Nutrition for Sports and Health

  • High-Quality, Natural, and Organic Nutrition: We offer an array of products that don't just help you achieve your fitness objectives, but also are made from high-quality, natural, and organic ingredients. Your body deserves nothing less.

  • Superfoods and Vegan-Friendly Choices: We understand your diverse dietary preferences. Our lineup includes superfoods and vegan-friendly options, ensuring our products align with your health-conscious lifestyle.

Our Journey - Maximizing, Optimizing, and Enhancing:

  • Maximizing Your Body: Our products are carefully designed to enhance your training efforts, pushing you to your fitness limits.
  • Optimizing Your Health: We know that health and fitness are inseparable. Our offerings are aimed at improving your overall health and well-being.
  • Enhancing Your Life: Your journey isn't just about numbers on a scale; it's about enhancing your entire life. We are here to support every step you take.

Jim Tyer - Founder and CEO of B Maximum Sports and HealthMeet our CEO, Jim Tyer:

He's not just the face of our brand; he's an avid fitness enthusiast who's been where you are. Here's his take:

"My passion for fitness and nutrition goes back a long way. I know firsthand how the right nutrition can transform your fitness journey. But I also understand the frustrations of navigating a market filled with unsafe and empty promises.

At B Maximum Sports and Health, we believe in a safer, more natural alternative. Our products are designed to amplify your training results and enhance your health without making wild claims.

We're not just another supplement company; we believe in the power of a balanced diet. Our products are meant to complement your healthy choices.

We're not just passionate about what we offer; we're users ourselves. We stand behind our products with unwavering commitment to quality and effectiveness. We are proud to offer a variety of vegan-friendly products that cater to all dietary preferences.

So, consider us not just a company but a trusted partner in your fitness and health journey.

Here's to unlocking your full potential!"

Ready to begin your journey with us?

Jim Tyer - CEO B Maximum Sports and Health

Founder and CEO
B Maximum Sports and Health

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to unlocking your full potential in fitness and health.


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Quality and safety is assured. All B Maximum Sports and Health products are are EU approved and manufactured to ISO - GMP standards and meet all EU / EFSA requirements. 

We maintain the highest quality standards. 



B Maximum Sports and Health, S.L.U.
C/ Tallers 22 08001 Barcelona

Phone: +34 661 968 437
Email: info @ 

B Maximum Sports and Health, S.L. is a company incorporated and registered under the laws of Spain.  Tax ID ESB67595306.

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