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About Us

B Maximum Sports and Health, S.L. is new concept company whose goal is to help those who want to maximize their results for fitness and health using natural, organic, and usually vegan friendly nutrition and superfoods.  We want to help you be the maximum that you can be - maximize your body, maximize your health, and maximize your life. 


A note from the CEO 


I have been passionate about using nutritional supplements to enhance my fitness training for many, many years.  The right nutrition when used correctly can really enhance your training efforts and increase the results you get.  They can also improve your overall health and well-being. 

Unfortunately, there are far too many nutritional supplements being promoted that are full of chemicals and make outrageous claims. They are usually a complete waste of your money, and at worst can even damage your health.  This has been the norm in the sports supplements business for too long.

I started B Maximum Sports and Health to offer an alternative – all natural nutrition and superfoods that are effective in not only enhancing your training and results, but also will also improve your health. 

Everything we offer at B Maximum are products that I use myself, am passionate about, and firmly believe will give you good results and improve your well-being.   Many if not most of our products are vegan friendly – but they will benefit you no matter how you choose to eat – vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian or carnivore!  

You have my word that we will never offer you products that we don’t truly believe in and use ourselves. 

Jim Tyer
Founder and CEO
B Maximum Sports and Health



Quality and safety is assured. All B Maximum Sports and Health products are are EU approved and manufactured to ISO - GMP standards and meet all EU / EFSA requirements. 

We maintain the highest quality standards. 



B Maximum Sports and Health, S.L.U.
C/ Tallers 22 08001 Barcelona

Phone: +34 937 638 013
Email: info @ bmaximum.com 

B Maximum Sports and Health, S.L. is a company incorporated and registered under the laws of Spain.  Tax ID ESB67595306.

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