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Partner Programme

Want to be a B Maximum Partner? 

At B Maximum Sports and Health we believe that you can improve your life with quality nutrition and superfoods that give your body what it needs in order to be your maximum best!  It's doesn't matter whether you are looking to add nutrition for building muscle, general fitness, losing weight, or just to keep yourself healthy and well, our products can help.  We offer only select products that are completely, with no additives or harmful substances - our products are organic or vegan friendly whenever possible.  We also only offer products that we truly believe are effective and that we've tested and use ourselves.  These are also often unique products that you won't find elsewhere.  

Quality and safety is assured. All B Maximum Sports and Health products are are EU approved and manufactured to ISO - GMP standards and meet all EU / EFSA requirements. 

Ready to be a part of the B Maximum experience?  We have a number of ways you can partner with us!  

Reseller Partner

Do you have a store - either a physical store or online and would like to resell B Maximum products to your customers?  We offer excellent wholesale pricing and healthy mark-ups to our reseller products. To get more details on our RESELLER PARTNER PROGRAM, please send an email to partner @ bmaximum.com.  

Fitness Business Collaboration

Do you have a gym or are you a fitness trainer and would like to inspire your clients with natural nutrition to help maximize their results?  We'd love to work with you! We have a Fitness Business Collaboration program that offers a win / win to both you and your clients.  For details on how we can work together, please send an email to fitness @ bmaximum.com. 


Social Media Collaboration

Are you a social media influencer or do you have a presence on social and are interested in promoting our products to your followers? We have a Social Media Collaboration program especially for you with the possibility of free products and financial compensation!  For details on how we can work together, please send an email to social @ bmaximum.com. 


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