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Xtreme Green Smoothie Recipe Using B Maximum Organic Chlorella Powder

Adding B Maximum Chlorella powder to your recipes can be a great way to boost nutrition and add valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your diet.  We're going to be presenting you with a series of recipes using a number of B Maximum products to help get the maximum value and nutrition from these products.  

Our first recipe is from Chef / Yoga Instructor Jair Moreno - @jairmorenoyoga.  He presents his recipe for an Xtreme Green Smoothie using B Maximum Chlorella powder and other ingredients which are packed with vital nutrition that will give you loads of vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, protein and fiber - critical for your health and to your training success.  We like to use it as a great post-workout boost!  


The video can be viewed - in Spanish with English subtitles available - directly on our You Tube channel.


About Jair Moreno - Jair has been a Yoga Instructor for 14 years.  He because to study culinary art 7 years ago to improve his passion for cooking.  He's focused on sport, wellness and healthy eating.  He teaches yoga and mobility in gyms, studios and on social media.  He creates healthy recipes for anyone who wants to eat better.

Instagram: @jairmorenoyoga
Facebook: Jair Moreno  











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